Friday, March 14, 2014

Like Deisire, Daphine and Swabra....48 Girls Need Your Support In Order to Recieve an Education.

CHILD is now keeping and giving care and protection  to close to 51 girls who are not capable of attending school because they lack all the necessary materials like school fees, school shoes, school uniform, school books, sanitary pads the list is endless. Some of these girls have been victims of physical and sexual abuse, child domestic workers, affected and infected by HIV and AIDS and total orphans. All the above has had a great impact on their lives. 

CHILD social workers upon identifying and/or receiving the girls the journey for rehabilitation begins; the girls are helped with skills of overcoming trauma, self discovery, life skills education, paper bead jewelry which is for therapy and income generation and literacy and numeracy. All the programs are geared towards helping the girl come back to her normal life and pursue her dreams all over again. Though it is always not easy, each particular girl is handled differently with an individual touch because we are aware that each person is different with different kinds of challenges and problems.

The girls are all ready for school they have come to terms with whatever happened and are ready to face the future with zeal and determination. We at CHILD understand that if you educate a GIRL you educate a Nation. we appeal to anyone to give  support through buying the Jewelry or sponsoring a child to school.You will be highly appreciated. Thanks.

Photos of Nina, Andrew and Sumaya

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