Tuesday, March 4, 2014

At the Rhino Sanctuary in Nakasongola.

After going through  a long, hectic week, my husband asked me to accompany him and his visiting friends to the Rhino Sanctuary at Ziwa. I was anxious, I didn't know what I was going to find and Nakasongola being a bit far - two hours drive- I was even more anxious. I fear distances! Come Saturday, I all dressed up ready for the journey, we picked his friends who later I found very out going, interesting and very friendly.  The journey began, and in two hours we had reached Ziwa!

At Ziwa, we were received with warm people and all the reception I would say was Rhinocencalous! Don't bother about the word I make it myself! Before we could see the Rhinos, we had to refresh and take lunch! when I talk about their lunch - just want want to have it again! it was soo nice!

Trecking the Rhinos, on the way we found one..peacefuly sleeping we had been warned that they don't wat noise ...we passed slowly. One of our friendly dearly loved birds, we made many stop overs just to take a look and many pictures! At last all the Rhinos were found in one resting place! we took pictures and the guide told us all the stories behind them! They were lovely animals and we have been told that this very month the sanctuary will receive a new baby Rhino to add to Obama, Taleo, and many............

I hope I can raise the money and take the girls to see these creatures! they are lovely.  I am very sure the girls would enjoy the experience! $5 for children who are Ugandans

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