Wednesday, February 26, 2014

CHILD is an acronym of Community Health Initiative & Livelihood Development a grassroots not-for-profit Organization founded and established in 2011.

“To explore, discover and harness opportunities to transform life chances of the undeserved and hard-to-reach.” 
Organization Overview
CHILD is an indigenous organization legally mandated to execute projects aimed at uplifting the welfare of people that are faced with challenges of accessing the basics of life and also delineated from the enjoyment of the universally guaranteed human rights in Uganda
CHILD exists to find solutions to the socioeconomic difficulties that women and girls find themselves in. Since 2011, CHILD has spearheaded grassroots initiatives aimed at uplifting the status of women and girls that are often excluded from the reach of basic social services. CHILD has put greater emphasis on health and education

CHILD engages girls in making paper bead jewelery from waste paper, fiber table mats, African bags, photo frames and all other forms of art as the client may wish. The project aims at supporting girls access to education by affording the poor girls school fees and scholastic materials such as books, pens, shoes, school bags and sanitary towels. Poverty has had negative consequences on the girls' access to education and this coupled with the patriarchal society norms, has perpetuated the inhibition of girls enjoying equal rights to education just like their male counterparts.CHILD aims at enhancing the enrollment and retention of girls in schools.

Finished Paper Jewelry made by CHILD Girls.

Finished Paper Bead Jewelry made by CHILD Girls.

Asha and Nalule donning CHILD Jewelry
Josephine, and CHILD Girls after a days work

CHILD Girls making the Jewerly

Photos of Girls making Paper Bead Jewelry

CHILD Girls preparing to begin the Bead making session.

The first step is taken...picking of the wrapped paper beads.

Nakakawa, concentrates on the job of making the product

 Every one seems to be very busy.

Jocelyne concentrates...she proud s herself in producing three bracelets a day.

Zion, a CHILD girl puts all her energy and attention to producing a product.

Jessica, A CHILD girl finally goes to School.

A friend in NY has enabled Jessica face her future through providing scholastic materials for her school. Jessica could not attend school because her school fees and requirements were not available. Jessie popularly known by her friends is very happy that she can go to school and join her friends and chasing her dream of becoming a doctor in favor of children. CHILD is very thankful to our friend though a lot of support is still needed for Jessica.

GOOD and adorable Craft made by CHILD Girls

CHILD girls are making very good paper bead Jewelry in form of necklaces, earrings, bracelets. All these items are for sale in return for their education. The Girls are disadvantaged and very vulnerable, they have lost their parents due to HIV and have been forced to live alone. They have been abused both sexually and physically. They are using their hands to secure their future. CHILD looks at this as a shared intervention with the girls to have them a better future through education. When you buy a necklace, bracelet and wear one you are contributing to the future of the vulnerable GIRL. Thank you.